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  • Iron Dam, The

    Iron Dam, The

    'There won't be another Tryweryn in Wales!' A novel portraying the bravery of the people of Cwm Gwendraeth Fach as they fight to prevent their lands and homes from being drowned during the summer of 1963.


  • Moli Cam Ch - Deg Llyfr i Ca2

    Moli Cam Ch - Deg Llyfr i Ca2

    Cyfres o lyfrau lliwgar am Moli a'i brawd a'i chwaer fach ar gyfer plant sy'n dechrau darllen Cymraeg - addas ar gyfer iaith gyntaf a dysgwyr.

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    Prs Gwreiddiol | R.R.P.: £15.00

  • Empty Room, The

    Empty Room, The

    Based on the story of Eileen and Trefor Beasley's stand for the Welsh language in the 1950s, when they refused to pay the local council tax until they received a Welsh request form. Their protest lasted eight years and gave their family great hardship.


  • Darkest of Days, The

    Darkest of Days, The

    A novel based on the Senghennydd disaster of October 1913, the worst tragedy in the story of Welsh coalmining when 439 workers, both men and boys, perished.


  • Cat, Daf and the Map

    Cat, Daf and the Map

    Cat, Daf and the map that comes to life.


  • Swansea Spy

    Swansea Spy

    Gwyn lives in Swansea. It is wartime. Gwyns father is away fighting in Africa, but Gwyn and his mother and sister are pleased that their lodger, known as Uncle Keith, is around to help them out, building their air raid shelter and putting out fires after the bombing of Swansea.


  • Welsh Speed Kings

    Welsh Speed Kings

    John Parry Thomas, Robin Jac Edwards, Tom Pryce a Gwyndaf Evans ... four of the fastest Welshmen on wheels.

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    Prs Gwreiddiol | R.R.P.: £6.95

  • No Fairies

    No Fairies

    An enchanting story about a little girl who lives in the midst of fairies and other wonderous creatures but can't see them.


  • Celebrating St David's Day

    Celebrating St David

    On the first of March every year we have fun celebrating the important festival of St David's Day, here in Wales and all over the world.


  • Celebrating Welsh Princes

    Celebrating Welsh Princes

    A fun-packed fully illustrated book for children (and families) presenting all matters relating to Welsh Princes - their history, dates and celebrations, traditions, myths, poems and activities.