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Welsh Crafts

Llyfrau | Books

  • Brynmawr Furniture Makers, The

    Brynmawr Furniture Makers, The

    The story of an enterprise started by the Quakers in Brynmawr in south Wales in the 1920s.


  • Ideas for Textiles from the Celtic Heritage

    Ideas for Textiles from the Celtic Heritage

    A fascinating illustrated volume in which the author shares her ideas of using Celtic designs in the field of textiling, comprising diagrams and clear directions for creating beautiful and useful items.

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  • Hedges, Sticks and Baskets

    Hedges, Sticks and Baskets

    A volume about the craft of weaving hedgerows, carving sticks and basket-making.


  • Welsh Slate Craft

    Welsh Slate Craft

    In this book Alun John Richards chronicles the triumphs and the tragedies, the hardships and the hopes of the great slate industry and its people.


  • Traditional Spooncarving in Wales

    Traditional Spooncarving in Wales

    The craft of domestic spoonmaking developed into that of the lovespoon, and the author details the different styles that emerged, explains some of the symbolism of the designs, describes the woodworking craft from start to finish, and traces the growth, decline and rebirth of this uniquely Welsh craft tradition.


  • The Thirsty Dragon

    The Thirsty Dragon

    This book traces the history of brewing in Wales and also touches on the making of mead, cider and whisky. So, 'iechyd da!' Have a good read.


  • The Flannel Makers

    The Flannel Makers

    A chronicle of the historical importance of the Welsh woollen industry.


  • The Coracle

    The Coracle

    The coracle - a keel-less, skin or leather-covered vessel, once widely used on all Welsh rivers and beyond - may be traced back to the sea-going and river boats described by Pliny, Caesar and other Roman writers.


  • Dre-Fach Felindre and the Woollen Industry

    Dre-Fach Felindre and the Woollen Industry

    To many people, Dre-fach Felindre and its associated villages of Cwmpengraig and Cwmhiraeth were known as 'the Huddersfield of Wales'. This book recounts the area's rich history.


  • Traditional Cheesemaking in Wales

    Traditional Cheesemaking in Wales

    Traditional Cheesemaking in Wales traces the history of cheesemaking from its early development, through the rise and decline of the creameries or factories, to the resurgence of farmhouse cheese.