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Welsh History and Myths

Llyfrau | Books

  • Black River

    Black River

    A truly Welsh novel from the author of Fighting Pretty. Harry Roberts is a Cardiff journalist haunted by his failure to cover the Aberfan disaster.


  • Story of the Irish Mail, The

    Story of the Irish Mail, The

    The story of 'The Irish Mail', the train which has travelled from London to Ireland via Holyhead for almost two centuries.


  • Welsh Pub Names

    Welsh Pub Names

    More and more pubs in Wales are displaying the Welsh names on their signs and more are now named after events and heroes in the country's history.


  • Pembrokeshire - Its Present and Its past Explored

    Pembrokeshire - Its Present and Its past Explored

    From the dawn of civilisation, this south-western peninsula of Wales has provided a landing stage for migrating people sailing up the western shores of Europe.


  • Detested Occupation, A?

    Detested Occupation, A?

    They are the hidden army in what has been called a detested occupation. Throughout the nineteenth century, hundreds of women were in domestic service.


  • Stories of Welsh Soldiers, Civilians and Eisteddfodau in WW1

    Stories of Welsh Soldiers, Civilians and Eisteddfodau in WW1

    The history of Wales and its people in the tumultuous war years of 1914 to 1918, with the emphasis on the northern part of the country.


  • Pembrokeshire Standing Stones

    Pembrokeshire Standing Stones

    After spending many years as a farmer's wife and mother in Gloucestershire, Jill Young moved to West Wales, where, like Graham Sutherland before her, she felt a strong affinity with the Pembrokeshire landscape.


  • Votes for Women

    Votes for Women

    A volume tracing the contribution of the North Wales Suffragists to the campaign for votes for women during the period 1907-14.


  • London Milk Trail, The

    London Milk Trail, The

    This is the story of the dairy industry in London. Between the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, many families from Wales - especially from Ceredigion - moved to London in search of a better life due to the harsh conditions of life on their smallholdings, following a route already pioneered by drovers and cattlemen.


  • Remembering the Armenian Genocide 1915-2015

    Dim llun ar gael
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    2015 is the centenary of that Armenian Genocide. In this moving and powerful account of the suffering undergone by Turkish Armenians, Patrick Thomas draws on eye-witness material from a wide variety of sources.