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Coracle Family of the World, The

Manylion a Disgrifiad y Llyfr | Book Details & Description

  • ISBN: 9781845272555
  • Author: Peter Badge
  • Publication June 2009
  • Format: Paperback

Gwales Description
The book explains - and illustrates - the difference between coracles on rivers in Wales and England, looks at the Scottish and Irish versions of the craft, and then at the coracles of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia - especially at Vietnam, the only place in the world where coracles are thriving.

Author Biography:
'No-one is better qualified to write on this subject than Peter Badge. Not only has he an unsurpassed knowledge of coracles and related craft throughout the world, but he is also an experienced and highly skilled coracle-maker and handler. He has also been a tireless campaigner on behalf of the rights of the few remaining Welsh coracle-fishermen to continue to practise their ancient craft.'
John Williams Davies, Director, Museum of Welsh Life