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Mary Jones and her Bible Quest (Welsh Women Series 3)

Manylion a Disgrifiad y Llyfr | Book Details & Description

  • ISBN: 9781845273255
  • Siân Lewis
  • Publication March 2011
  • Illustrated by Giles Greenfield
  • Suitable for age 9-11 or Key Stage 2
  • Format: Paperback, 195x130 mm, 32 pages

Gwales Description
Mary Jones was almost ten years old, and she was very happy because she had just learned to read the Bible. 'I am going to buy a Bible for myself,' she told her mother. But Mary and her mother were poor, and it would be very difficult to save the money. Mary heard that there was one in Bala, and walked barefoot over the mountains - 25 miles - and she got her Bible.