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Rumours and Oddities from North Wales

Manylion a Disgrifiad y Llyfr | Book Details & Description

  • ISBN: 9781845270650
  • Author: Meirion Hughes, Wayne Evans
  • Publication Second Edition January 1995
  • Format: Paperback, 96 pages

Winged Snakes, Dragons, Monsters, Witches and Giants are but a few of the strange creatures which inhabit northern Wales. Add a few legends, folk heroes and sinister ghosts, and you have a fascinating collection of stories.

Rumours and Oddities from North Wales has them all. Readers will find it both informative and entertaining. There are stories that shock. Others touch the heart. The characters will either haunt you or tickle you, but most of all they will make you want to visit the many places of interest mentioned in this book.