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There 'Tis Then Another Rural Miscellany

Manylion a Disgrifiad y Llyfr | Book Details & Description

  • ISBN: 9781845272142
  • Author: Roscoe Howells
  • Publication February 2009
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm, 208 pages

A follow-up to his earlier volume, A Rural Miscellany, this is another collection from the columns of agricultural journalist and former farmer Roscoe Howells which appeared in the farming press between 1957 and 1994. A controversial and entertaining book for anyone interested in country life, but also a record of farming methods and bureaucracy during those years.

Gwales Review
After Howells' previous successful publication A Rural Miscellany he has produced a further volume of extracts from the farming press, covering nearly 40 years from 1957–1994. A prolific and well-regarded journalist and countryman, Howells became the first Welsh member of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists and the first to appear in the Fisons Annual Awards.

His pen is eloquent and he writes with a deep understanding and humour: 'Well, this little chap pulled the tractor abroad [which is a good Pembrokeshire term] because he was a handy sort of cove like that, and he didn't belong to the sort of union that would stop a chap pulling a tractor abroad just because he didn't hold a tractor-puller-abroader's card.'

Roscoe is forthright, if not controversial, in his opinions. He writes amusingly of a trip to London in the Welsh Farm News in November 1963: 'London is a big place, likewise also a very wicked place, or so they tell me, but I wouldn't know for sure to be able to speak with any authority on such matters. Certainly very large numbers of people seem very anxious to go there, and I don't suppose they are all intent on being wicked. In fact some of them are parsons and chapel deacons and such characters who wouldn't do any harm to anybody.'

He does not find his lodgings much to his liking: 'Once inside this penitentiary I knew I was doomed . . . Breakfast, to your countryman, is a meal to be thought about, to be sat down to, savoured and enjoyed. In this case it was a choice between grilled kippers and eggs various.'

A book that many will delight in – and a true revelation to today's young agriculturalists. Thank you, Mr. Howells!

Norma Penfold