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Walking with Welsh Legends: South-Western Wales

Manylion a Disgrifiad y Llyfr | Book Details & Description

  • ISBN: 9781845241698
  • Author: Graham Watkins
  • Publication February 2011
  • Format: Paperback, 182x124 mm

Gwales Description
This book takes us out walking to find places featured in stories from Welsh history and myth. Graham Watkins first tells us a story - love stories, tales of heroic deeds, foolishness and greed, a few fables, touches of humour. Then he guides us on a walk round the places mentioned in the story. The book is illustrated with maps and photographs.

Further Information:
The author says: ‘As I completed each walk, I found that I had a different perspective on, and a better insight into, the related legend. The walk and the legend reinforced each other and added to the enjoyment.'